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Personality: Well he doesn't really say to much but.... We know he like's to read trevor brown * more below* and that he trust his friends, * Well from what we can tell*  If you remember when number 11 goes off to "Try" and kill kurapica in the manga when sharnaak is worry he tells him " ove is a tuff guy he can take care of himself"  something like that " doesn't feel like looking up the page right now". The only time he doesn't really trust one of the spiders is when paku shoots her bullet at them he doesn't really trust her but then agean Phinks didn't and he goes along with Phinks most of the time. Like when phinks tells Feitan to stop he STOPS. 

Feitan " in the manga AND the show" Has been seen reading trevor brown! now i know some of are going WHO? trevor brown makes umm how should i put this different types of pictures like dead girls, torture type looking pictures, and more but i don't want to go for ever about what his pictures look like why don't i just show you a VERY mild one hmmm? I found it on google picture search you can find many more like covers of his book ect.


More info


Nen: Henka (Transform)
Age: unkown but most guess around 28
Hight: 155cm  * about 5.1 or 5.3?*
Weight: 45kg  * 90 ponds?*
Blood type: unkown * feitan doesn't know, so we don't know*
Number:  We do not know... I belive  it's 6 *like MOST people*
Arm wrestling match: 5  *strongest first weakest last*
Date of Birth: Unkown
Family History: Unkown
Professional Role: Gang member/ thife