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Past Updates

Dec. 30, 2004: I added WS to  Game Reveiws  and in it a game with PICTURES (5) I moved old updates to old updated page and updated my profile!


Dec. 18, 2004: 3 BIG updates! I'll save best for last. First of 2 NEW  manga shots from manga 20, 2 new wallpapers! Best of all is in Feitan-sama's profile I added a page about his ABILITY!!!!!!!!!!! page 4 of his profile!  ( and I had  to delet a few things to make room for new stuff)

Oct. 19, 2004: Ok 11 new pictures for hunter x hunter- Hunter no Keifu  ( game) and you'll find them in game reviews and if you look you'll find some texted that is not link in G.R and that's cause Reveiws on those games will be out soon! a few other changes to G.R

Oct. 6, 2004: I made a NEW page full of NEW pictures (well ok FIRST OVA but new for my site XD) 10 pictures with FEITAN  ( i think it's ten... aw whatever; if it's wrong i'll edit this update when i'm not going to fall asleepy ZZZZ)

Oct. 02, 2004: I updated feitan's profile XD and mine........... as well as moved some of the old updates to old update page XD Oh as well I added 4 screen shots of  Kindan No Hihou  it's on the same page as the review. I also added 2 pages of my HXH quize results! That should help you find some HXH quizes XD you'll find the link in other and my profile XD .

Sept. 25, 2004: Well 3 new wallpapers... Well it's more like 2 and a half ... heh Ummm you see the wallpaper with the skulls... you now can get it with OUT the skulls and then 2 new wallpapers  * I used same pic as last time .... and that's sad* Ah, as well I have moved some of the old updates to the old update page so this page can load faster and NOT have broken links (pictures i mean) >.< ...

sept. 06, 2004: *crys* tommorow is my first day back at school :(  !!!
I added the music to the eensy weensy spider to things feitan would NEVER say, I wanted to test it out on that page... I can't seem to hear it but I put it on the pgae.... I think you'll have to turn it up a bit to here it. XD

August 24, 2004: 3 well more like 4 UPDATES new quize what kind of Feitan-sama  fan are YOU (quize) it will be to your right under the other quize. Umm 3 new pages 1 main 2 sub pages. The new page is other, and in there you will find the good and bad about feitan's name ( I copy and pasted what it said for one of the how you act if you have THAT name things)  Oh and the other one talks about Feitan's name and the chinese meanings IF you thought is was JUST a name you thought WRONG! Well that's it for my updates, for today now back to reading * i was reading 114 and stoped to updated the web site so on to 115* Ja

August 22, 2004: NEW Flash banner, ( I know not as great as yesterday updates); One new link (in links XD), and I fixed a few things, well.... ONE. 3 NEW wallpapers! (one of them is REALLY good)

August 20, 2004: 14 NEW PICTURES!!!!!!! Mostly of GI and GI final but I have one York shin one, it was going to be 13 new pictures but XD it did look as good as 14, you'll see what I mean when you go look at them, Look at GL picture to your Right XD!!!!!!!! I guess that's all for now, but look soon for MORE Feitan Sama pictures!

August 2, 2004: I had to REMAKE the feitan fan club cause there was so little post Yahoo deleted it XD, and I also made an ICQ group so if you don't have or want a yahoo user name it's there.

July 23, 2004: Ok I added 1 link to links... It's my blog... Yes it's about anime. New page; Soon to come, it has the link on it to it's this quize thin I'm working on I don't really think it will be done so but you can take alook at it. I also put the OTHER things I'm working on, on that page.

July 13, 2004:
Ok, i'm sorry for the long void of updates but my last comp was a snail, now I have a fast one ^.^, anyway if you  look to your right you'll see my new fan art also can be seen in the fan art part; and past updates that I've posted have their own page so not to slow this page down. Plus one new poll, you'll find it in the poll page; What whould you change about Feitan?

April 24, 2004: NEW QUIZE!!! what spider would have the HOTTS for you? it's on the right some place.

sept. 26, 2003: I added Game Reveiws  there's two games in game review right now under gbc hunter x hunter and the other one that's really hard to spell :p.

Sept. 1, 2003: *crys* two more days till school! Ok at last I could put up the two wallpapers, I also moved and fixed a few things.

Aug. 24 2003: I played two hxh games today and they are really fun one of them you can even BE Feitan, he looks so kawai when he gets hurt meybe I'll put up a reveiw one of these days. Ok for updates is a moved a few things change a few things and there WOULD have been two new wallpapers but... my comps really slow so for now there's a preveiw of them till I get it done " should be some time this week i'll get it done" well that's it for today... * need sleep ZZZ*

Aug. 08, 2003: ONE new fan art done by me.... that's it for today.

july 30, 2003: Yeah i know i haven't been updating in the last  days but that cause i'm  makeing a NEW LAYOUT to take a peek hit V.2 at the top under welcome.

july 28, 2003: Wow this site has only been on the net for one week starting today, time sure does fly. 5 new wallpapers.

july 27, 2003: I HATE,HATE,HATE moving,  the day before yesterday i moved " that's why i didn't update in the last three days that and yesterday the whole block had a yard sale, Ok i guess i should get to updates well i made so you can get FREE email here it looks like this have fun. I also made a directory but it's on a free host so there's some dum not hxh sites in it as well, add your site :). Oops almost forgot i made a top 50 feitan site thing the links on the right . New page Polls, new poll,4 new wallapers,new page feitan goodies, 2 banners for you to use for your site look in f_goodies for more info, 2 bg for your site in F_goodies,2 new banners,  if you go to the bottom of links there's links there to vote for this site! Now you can get to the guest book on the left as well as the right.

Juily 23, 2003: I added humor,things feitan would never say,Episode Reviews, I added music to about me should i added music to the rest of the site?

juily 22, 2003: Wallpaper , Biography, screen shots, misc "pics.", fan art, about me and to your right a link to the fourm. I moved link me down above links.

Juily 21 , 2003: Well i did alot of work today what do you think? For todays updates i did made the site, made a layout,
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pass-it-on gear,
webring fourm,
and i made three web rings and joined lots. That's it for today!

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