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what did the old layout look like?

Aug.  09, 2004: I added one new member! I got some one else who wanted to join but then DIDN'T give thier email address so I wont add them, but i'll show you whom it is,
name = Jedidia P. Bangalisan
   from = none
   Text Box 4 = Jed
   Text Box 3 = Philippines
   Text Box 2 =
   Text Box 1 = I don't have one
   Comment Box 1 = It think it's much better if
                   you add more of Sharnaaks

If YOU want to be a member REsend  your info again
Oh yes I'm going to move this site SOON to   and it will have a NICE layout

July 26, 2004: new member ,  khanh ngoc!
I've made a new fanlisting!!!
 I'll add the link in the main page
Hope you join :)

July 24, 2004: New back ground.. sharnaak's eyes, New side picture... well banner, New colors... For most of the stuff, new Bg colors... Layout Updates in short. 

July  23, 2004: I'm so SORRY I haven't updated this for sooooooo Long, anyway I fixed something on the main page...  And THREE new members, heh sorry for taking almost a year to post you... Oh yes I'm working on a few other things... like a blog and quize thing, I'll go post it in links. One NEW conuter.

sept. 21, 2003: one new member, there would have been two but... some one thought this was a kuroro fanlisting.... Oh well.

Juily 23, 2003: joined a web rings.

July 21 2003: Updated my member page, new banner!

June 28, 2003: YEAH NEW HXH DVD!!! New layout :) like it? I thought it looked a little better then the old one.

update june 14: new wallpaper plus i join ALOT of web rings :)

June friday 13 2003: They said the sharnaak fanlisting didn't get to join cause i had a bad layout @.@ so i'm make this site a new layout as you can see! I also added some pictures plus i joined a web ring today! wallpaper up as well.


june 8 2003: I applied this fanlisting to so the sharnaak fanlisting can be an official fanlisting!

also I added some rules Please read them :)

Oh yeah i made a form for the people that do not wish to email me or want an easy way to join!