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what did the old layout look like?
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what did the old layout look like?

Well below is some what what it look like but the background was peach and the was no side nav. bar! Yeah i know it kind of looks like the icq sharnaak fanlsitng member joining page but if look i change a few things!

ICQ List - The sharnaak fan listing
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The sharnaak fan listing
  DO YOU LOVE OR like Sharnaak? JOIN!!!!!
  To add your name to this List, please email  jazzy. Ps if you don't have ICQ number then please when email me, for icq number put "i have no number".

june 8 2003: I applied this fanlisting to so it could be an official fanlisting!
also I added some rules Please read them :)
Oh yeah i made a form for the people that do not wish to email me or want an easy way to join

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Number Of Users: 1
List Created On: 04/06/103
To be added to this List send email to

 ICQ List - The sharnaak fan listing
Picture Real Name NickName ICQ # (UIN) Contact Country/Location
jazzy jas 289039411 Add Me Msg Me canada

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The old Url for the sharnaak fanlisting

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