Spider clique
More info about the spider clique
More info about the spider clique
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Ok I"ll put up a few things you may email me asn ask me about so that my email wont get too full * but if you want to email me just to chat that's ok*any way

q: All of the spiders?
a:ya that's right it is the way it sounds

Q: what about if i only want three

A: Cool, like i said i really don't care how many and who you want * and i don't mean that as in ah what ever i mean, i like 7 spiders, cool*

ok i guess i should maybe show you how the fourm would look then

nick name or real name:ok i want to put my real name so i put jasmine but i may feel like putting my nick name so then i put not jasmine but jazzy

Your email address: (e.g.: you@aol.com): jamson18@yahoo.com

url of your site: http://www.angelfire.com/in3/tv16
if you have two or more web sites about spiders and you are going to put a link on both you can send me both your urls but you'll have to email me and not use the email fourm, also i must find a link on both

ok say i just want one i'll put

what spider(s) do you want?: kuroro
but say i want two

what spider(s) do you want?: kuroro And shalnark
or i want three

what spider(s) do you want?: kuroro And shalnark and feitan
but what if you want all of them?

what spider(s) do you want?: I want all 13 of them
some thing like that will do fine

get the way it works?

ok so you may have a clique page you keep your clique links on you may also have it on just your link page OR the first/main page, if you have a big site it may take along time too look for were the link is SO that's what this Q. is for
what url/page will i find the link on?: http://www.angelfire.com/in3/tv16/links.html
i'm in no cliques right now so you wont find a link to one on my site right now i run one but that's a little different, right?

have you readed the rules?: you just hit yes or no or you email it to me but if you haven't read them please go back and read them

ya i know not my buisness but i just like knowing it's not like you have to fill it in.
everone moves in to see why she likes her favs.
why do you want this/these spider(s) * info not needed i just kinda like knowing*: ok i like kuroro due to he's cute to hot with his hair DOWN and he never freeks out no matter what * ok maybe a few times in manga 11 but oh well* . NEXT! shalnark, he's just so CUTE ^.^. and my last spider fav. * at this time* is feitan, he's neat i don't know why but i think he's neat. * ya pour A. but oh well i don't know why he's cool he just is*

and if your useing the fourm you hit send to jazzy or you can redue it, and if your sending an email that's all you need to send

sample of the "member page"

Ok i'll put more info up later ^.~

I hope you found what you needed

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