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Well he is kind of small for a man or atlest it looks that way i mean come on LOOK HOW TALL THE OTHER SPIDERS ARE!!! So he may not be as short as it seems , lets see gon is 12 and Feitan is taller then him by almost a half so feitan should be as tall as a 13 year old maybe 14; Oh well being a chibi is KAWAI! For is hair it's dark blue but lots of times i've seen it say dark green this is cause well you steel at night and his hair looks dark greenin the dark so most of the time it looks dark green. * kinda off topic but i saw a trevor brown picture with a girl that kinda look like feitan, weird*. Feitan seems to look sleepy 24-7 * that or stoned* so it's hard to tell what eye color he is but it's gold. For his outfit he has a black coat that goes up to his nose and down to his shin, on it is a skull that has 3 sticks beside it making it kinda look like bone wings the only thing wrong with it being bone wings is in the show there yellow. No one knows what his shirt looks like so i'll go to the pants, there baggy and white and there tuck into his black boots * you can see it much better when he sits down*.