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42: Gon hits hisoka! Hisoka gets the bage back " number 44" and they fight some more! A Big tile from the flour goes past machi but she doesn't  even look at it!

62: Kuroro fights killua's dad and grandpa! But whats this? They don't kill him, looks like the person paying them to kill kuroro is dead! Kuroro payed illume to kill the man that was paying illume's dad and grandpa to kill him.


OVA 1: Kurapica tells lerio,Gon,Killua about his nen! Hisoka Phones Kurapica to tell him that the dead bodys are FAKE! 

OVA 2:   Killua spies on the spiders hide out and one of  Kurapicas friend comes to help Killua!

OVA 3: Killua,Kurapica, gon and lerio have been tracking the spiders last ep. but Kurapica and Gon have been spoted! WHAT WILL HAPPEN!

OVA 4: Gon and killua are at the hotel with the spiders but they can't get away! machi has her string on them. Paku and the other spiders that were fallowing the guys that has the red eyes " one of neon body guards" Go to the hotel as well!

OVA 5: The lights go OUT! Can Gon and Killua get away? Dancho? were did Dancho go?

OVA 6: Feitan, Phinks, and sharnaak come to the hotel to find out what has happened! Feitan laugh in this one but it sounds like a giggle!

OVA 7: Pakunoda and Kuroro get a chain put onto by kurapica " only way to save kuroro" Paku must now go back get gon and killua and then trade him for kuroro!

OVA 8: They trade  kuroro for killua and gon and every thing goes as planed but kurapica comes down with a fever! Back to the spiders, paku sees a cat that leads her to it's cat friends! Paku looks very happy when she looks around at the alley cats and she sees many of them all sizes colors and the black one at the top of the slide that looks like the cats boss! Paku goes back to there hide out and phinks see No dancho nor does any one eles Phinks tells paku she better give a could resone kuroro is not there and if it's not good enuff well she'll get! Paku starts to glow with nen and you see a side shot of the spiders and you see feitan gets to ready to fight mood! Then Paku tells them she can shoots six bullets at they and then Phinks freeks out but that guy i forget his name but any way tells him THIS IS PAKU, so phinks is kinda ok with it then she shoots the bullets and paku sees the chain that goes up to her heart light up and the light is moving clouser and then she dies! As she dies phinks crys out PAKU!


ova greed island 1: In this one it starts out with killua and gon talking about kurapica a belive, and how his fever is so high! You get to see kurapica's eyes turn there nice red color. Now to skip afew mins. up affter gon and killua are talking about how to get there hands on greed island to were they se fetian and phink and they run away going aaaaaaaaa. Then phinks starts to say stuff about nen then it goes to franklin talking about it any way. You get to see phink and fetian steel A greed island game.

ova greed island 2: Killua and Gon both try to get there nen stronger.

ova greed island 3: Gon shows his new nen ability on a wall so he could pass the exam, Killua passes to.

ova greed island 4: Gon and killua are in or should i say on Greed Island. Killua gets a spell put on him but its really not that harmful and killua and gon find out a few things about the game.

ova greed island 5:A group of people playing in the game want gon and killua to join them, they spilt the reward and it " should" help them beat the game! But they think that greed island is a monstrosadty and Gon's dad "jin" Told him to have fun when he entered the game. So Gon tells them no and killua goes along with gon.

Geed Island  OVA 6: Gon and killua have there "Sword of truth" Stolden! "Yes the sword of truth looks like the yugioh card sword of truth"  Sharnaak  finds out or should i say "thinks" Greed island is in the REAL WORLD! Is he right? " I know I know heh but i wont tell you"

Geed Island  OVA 7: Kuroro is in this one! Killua and Gon fight some monster and get SOME cards!

Geed Island  OVA 8: There NEW master has Gon and Killua fight a KILLER! The killer is lever D Gon and Killua are level G! In the fight Killua and Gon get much faster and stronger and become a level C! No one dies the killer is set free to go turn him self in for what he has done.

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