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past updates that have happened to this site are below.


April 14, 2004:

heh sorry about the lack of updates and not posting the spall ones but any way I'm working on something BIG so for the time being go take a NEW hunter x hunter date quize it will be on the mane page hunter quizes.

Nov 6, 2003: updates, news, I joined a top site please vote!

Oct. 26, 2003: Ok I did the new number 4 profile if  you don't mid being spoiled read it, umm and I put a pic up on that page of who i'll do next ok.

aug. 13, 2003; one new fan art, new page what if the spiders had kids " I've only done kuroro's so far, i'm just so lazy".

Juily 23, 2003: joined a web ring, added a picture to about me.

Juily 22, 2003: New profile hisoka. Oh yeah yesterday i made a new hxh site! don't worry i'm still going to update this one, the banner to go to my new feitan fan site will be the red banner to your right.

July 09, 2003: New Pictures, I put up the Lyrics for wanna stay wanna go. I moved a few things around as well today nothing really big.

July 4, 2003: Yahooooo, calgary stampede parade was TODAY. For updates shizuku profile was done today look in profiles to see it! I added LOTS more pictures go into pictures hit more pictures and there you go LOTS more pictures! I moved a few things around on the nav. bar to the left and i moved a few things around in pictures.

June 29, 2003: Who wants to hear feitan giggle well it's a laugh but it sounds like a giggle, i might but up the sound clip..maybe.I got a new dvd so that means more  Episode Reviews! I did 13 and fixed one! I've also added Lyrics, and if you look to your left you'll see i moved a few things around on the nav. bar. It's up, yeah the clip of feitan's giggle, go to his more into the spider page or go to his profile!

June 27 , 2003: YEAH SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER!!! yesterday was my last day, Ahhh it feels good to be done grade 8, any way for updates i made the page Misc. it has info about hunter x hunter that i don't know were to put, all that's up on that page right now is "Is he Jin?". Oh yeah i also added a page called humor today! take a look. I'm also fixing a few things XD.

June 23, 2003: Updates to Pbar take a look in The Pbar page! Like the new layout out? ME TOO!

june 22, 2003 : I'm working on a Pbar " for people who are useing explorer go to veiw then toolbar" it's not done yet but for more info about it go to downloads! New page search NOW! to help you find stuff on my site. Later today... YEAH I DID IT the Pbar " toolbar" IS DONE :) download it PLEASE don't worry it's free! New page join the mailing list! You can sneek peek at the rules to adding your site to the toolbar!

June 21 2003: shouldn't you be study for your finals? Yeah i should but i'm not @.@ any way i added some info to feitan profile! I work on more into the spiders today more stuff in feitan, Kurotopi and kuroro's page! I also change a few things, added, delet, move, fix, and more they are ust small things so i wont name off what the small things i fix ect. New fan club to feitan look in fan clubs or feitan's page to find the link to it.

June 20, 2003: Three new kuroro wallpapers. One new adoptable "feitan". Moved a few things around to help you look around the site. New poll of the mouth to your right.

june 16 2003: well i added some new news and some picures

june 8 2003: I did a few updates to the sharnaak fanlisting like add rules and form to email me any way take a look. I worked on the spider hxh date quize today i added a few pictures but that's all i think that sever doesn't like my comp @.@. I added a page, FAN ART! I put up 5 of my fan arts :) there not that good... but oh well. I took a quize to see who i'm the most like and i got kuroro, to see it take alook in links also i put a banner thing for my new quize in links... you know spider hxh date quize, well i got feitan!? I thought i'd get kuroro. I also made an about ME page.

june 7 2003: I wounder what feitan look like when he was 2...

Joined 2 kurapica fanlisting and a hisoka one Plus 2 killua one! sharnaak's more into the spiders page is done. One new feitan color wallpaper! I got the spider clique a shorter url it's . I also made a small banner for the spider clique you can find it on the spider clique page or you can look on your right of this page and you'll see it some where over there. I also added a few things to Feitan's more into the spiders. I made a quiz today it's called spider hxh date quiz i have the quiz done but i'm still working on the pictures for it the link will be on your right with the other quizes!

update june 6, 2003: if i were ever to make a feitan site i'd call it the ensy wensy spider! For todays update I made a few banners for the sharnaak fanlisting and also it has it's own url now take alook at ! Or click the picture of sharnaak to your right that says fan and is small " the one under feitan".

june 5 2003: I want more hxh dvds.... I made a page " fullpage" of the sharnaak fan club take alook and see. i joined a few fanlistings well it's two it's on the right.

update june 4 2003: My friend said i gave het the feitan disease not my fault, I joined a feitan fan listing today the link is on the right some where. I also made a SHARNAAK FAN LISTIN please joine.

update june 3 2003: yesterday i saw someone that look like paku,phinks AND my teacher kinda looks like lerio WEIRD! One new wallpaper. One new things spider will never say added it's the last Kurotopi one.

June 1, 2003:I added an AD that earns me $1.00 for every click! Please click it so i can buy more hxh dvds.

may 31, 2003:YEAH 2 hunter x hunter dvds...I thought Kurotopi was a guy!? Ok i added today thinks the spiders would never say! I moved a few things added afew links to help you move around the site.4 Episode Reviews done.

may 30, 2003: YEAH tomorrow i get my hxh dvd :). I added some news to news " not really that new of news" and i moved a few things around see yeah i'm going to go read four chapters of hxh!

may 29 2003: YEAH next saturday I can buy a hxh dvd :) . any way for updates I added some music to download. I've moved a few things around on the left nav. bar. I added a feitan profiles and more to sharnaak.

may 28 2003:It's kinda funny right now there showing a vacuum cleaner to mom right now and one of the guys dresses like Shizuku. i added a page called hxh games, it has game reveiws, and tips and help for hxh games, also there's pictures on that page.

may 26 2003: Next week i get a hxh dvd yeah! Ok for todays updates i added one kuroro wallpaper. Plus i've add some more pictures. New poll look to your right and scroll down. New quize look to your right and scroll down. Joined a few web rings today.

may 21 2003: you can now win 4 awards. also i did a Episode Reviews about ova greed islnad 1 "it's all i've seen of the tv show right now, but i'm buying the dvd end of this mouth!".

may 14, 2003: i've joined a banner exchange, also i did a few update in the jap. part .

may 13 2003: joined a web ring in jap. Also i added 8 banners. I've also started on the jap part of this site yeah! the url is

april 21 2003: today i added some kuroro pictures to kuroro's picture page! i've also made a hxh form for this site cheack it out at . I've done a few small things to this site today but there so small i wont say what i did. NEW page, "past updates". also if you look to your right at the bottom you can find a close window buttom! right over the button is a button that lets you see this oage FULL SCREEN!!!! joined yet agean anthor free banner exchange. banners at bottom of the page! new banner for this site!

april 20 2003: well i got a new browser so i can get on with my updates *explor has been acting up and it took my about 2 h to get one page done or should i say to add just a pictures?* any way as you can see if you look to your left there's a chat page now it shows the three ways you can chat one this site. As you can see i change were some of the things are on the left nav. bar. you can download a kuroro theme here NOW! Two new pictures added to kuroro pictures! i also added some join quick things *shal/kuroro club* in kuroro's more into spiders and shal profiles! Just now i added two new chat rooms, there both on different severs and are rated ether G-PG or PG13-PG14. I'm also in a banner exchange and the banner to get into it is at the bottom of this page right over bg muisc.

april 19 2003: i made a new web ring, and i put this site in it. for people with an icq number you will be happy, i made some list,rings,groups on icq; have fun! Oh yeah look to your left you cann find the page that has the icq hunter x hunter stuff i put up and a few other icq things like chat, telling you when i'm online ect. ah yes and the last thing i did was make this site a IRC channel #skilledhunter is this sites new channel so i hope to see you there later!

april 17 , 2003: i added the wallpaper i was trying to add yesterday, any way my comp has been acting up and  due to this i wont be able to added much more in the next few days :(, that's all today see ya!
april 16, 2003: aaaaaaa dum computer has kick to off OVER 5 times any way, i've added a new atopt picture, it's of kuroro. I'm trying to add a wallpaper but it might not go up tpday, as i said my computer is not working right today, and i can't do it next weak * is moving and is taking a brake from packing. Edit

april 13, 2003: *yawns* i made a new poll and put up afew other small things. Oh ya look over to your right as you can see i did a few things over there well *yawns* that's all for now i may do a few other things today. Edit

apirl 12, 2003: ok no, agean no info. I made 4 new spider wallpapers of paku, feiton, manchi, and shanrak. take a look there all really good, some of the best wallpapers i've EVER made. Edit

apirl 11 2003: i added one new wallpaper and yes this one can get downloaded as a .zip as well as a picture, that's all today. Sorry no new info put up :(. Edit

april 10, 2003: i made a sharnak profile plus a fan club and a web ring for him. Edit

apirl 9 2003: two new moving banners i added to link me. I've also done kuroro profile and i've made his more into the spiders part.Also two new kuroro wallpapers one of them you can down load it as a picture or a .zip that has it as a .bmp. Plus i've added a kuroro picture page. that's all for today. Edit

april 3: for the ones that didn't look last week i put up a new member page in the spider clique. any way for todays up date i added the page adopt! it only has one adopt picture up right now but i'll add more later any way see ya, have fun. Edit

march 20, 2003: i made 1 chapter in a fanfic call the spiders before they were spiders! hope you like it. 3 New big skilled hunter banners. Edit

march 19, 2003: well i added some stuff to more into the spiders like feitan pictures and that guy that looks like seeweed, i'll add some more but ya that's all so far. Edit

march 18, 2003: well my computer is now FIX , so i can clean up my site and add new things! any way i've cleaned up a few things right now oh ya over the three weeks my comp was down a member joined the spider clique YEAH!

march o4 , 2003: well i added some pics of the manga cover and some news, also at the buttom of the page you will see a thing that says click here to here bg muisc if you hit that this page will have bg muisc! I'm also working on profiles. kuroro/quoll is being worked on right now.

well day one at makeing this site lets see what i can do. Ok here's some of the things i put up today

Episode Reviews
spider clique
web rings
odds and ends
News and Gossip
Contact Me
why i made this site

I also put up the web banners and made a web ring today The genei ryodan SiteRing also i put tell a friend up and chat, fourm, guest book * have to have one* mailing list , email me fourm, F.Q, and i counter, a search box * at bottom*, and a link to my other * it's part of a big mix anime site* hunter x hunter site.. I also joined a top site but the codes don't seem to be working

i've done a few mo things like polls, short url ect. i can't reamber i i didi today, oh well.