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game boy color:

Hunter X Hunter
you start off choosing who you will be out of three people then you will go own to choosing if you will be hevy or light! then you will start level 1 " the first test in the hunter xeame!" you will see gon, killua, kurapica and the others but you will be racing them! affter this level you go to the next test but i don't know whats next...

Kindan No Hihou

you start as Gon in this swamp type places, with bats and zombie seeweed looking mosters ! your collect tresher and other things on the way to the end of this level! once you get there to men will block your way; now you have to go back top the start to talk to the captem and go all the way back to were you were . then the guys will go away * note i played this all in jap. so i don't know whats going on to well!* then you'll fight a dog like killua's dog, hit its head to kill it! Next you will go to a castle and you will go throe the castle were your find the hunter that has the arrows. he will same some thing and you will go away then you go a hit a swich some were else in the castle. affter that the hallway that has a block that goes up go there then hit the swich it takes you to go up and unlock the right door kill the monster in there and you will get flame thing. Now go back to were you came from * you know level one* TIME to use KILLUA! YEAH YEAH YEAH.... any way your start out in this room with a niji guy he'll say some thing and you kill him * you not Killua by self* any way you go along the path and you go up tp agean kill a niji in the castle. now you see agean athor one but you COULD just jump over and go to the next room. now there's 3 monckys and a niji in this room hit the lever on the right buy jumping on it then go back to the left one and pull it. now hop on the moving block and go up. now go under the next moving block, go down and go to the seconed lowest door to the right. jump over the block or a monster will find you and kill you any way in the next room go down stares and don't let the spiders on the wall kill you. now go into the room and you'll get heald. if you want you can which to go and go back into the castle... or keep going as killua. * i took gon to the castle at this time* if you do go two a save room and swich back to Killua. Now gon is nere Killus well kinda. Now with killua go out that door go down and go to the left do what you need to there and go back nere were you started, now don't go under the moving black go to the top! Now that your on the top go started do what you need to go back to the lower level beat a boss and * puts ear plugs in so not to hear all the kurapica fan screem "YEAH I GET TO USE KURAPICA!!!!!" Yes that's wright you use the red eyed teen that you find so many sites about on the net. Now just to tell you this IS the hardest level out of the first time using some one level. any way you'll walk out see some ghost ladys you could kill them or you could just run by. Now in the next room there's a skull nere the top of the screen KILL IT by going under it press down and the attack button. WOW said some yep kurapica chain does some cool things it also can pull you place like links hookshot. Ok go down go to the level were there is a yellow monster pull the swich go up and go to your left. Now kill the eye and go on the moving block. Now go down and go up now go to the next room then go up and you'll go into a healing room. now go down and go into the bottom left room. some guy will say some thing "you'll figh him later" and you leeve go to you right do what you need to there then move on leve this part now by going into the left bttom door in the first bird room. go to i belive down to the level across from the yellow monster. kill the monster and go into the water open the door and go in hit the swich and now you go back to the purpul wall place and go open some of the cloused doors, on of them will take you back to green rooms go in there hit a few swiches go back to the room were you found that guy ok. now kill him your go to a new room if you go to the top you'll find all the doors don't open till you kill the monster.... i think kurapica fights a snake but it has been 4 weaks sine that part, any way affter killing the monster come back here. now go throe the top door and go to were gon is. kurapica will say some thing and his eyes turn red so it must have some thing to do with the spiders. Now you go back to killua go back to the green basements and go to the room full of water walk over to a door which takes you into kurapica's level " you know the part that was block off with wood well that's were you are" ok now go leev the same way kurapica did. Now you swich to lerio " a few cough and some screem" any way this level is pritty easy just fallow the past you'll go throe a few doors see zestu and will kill a boss at the end, but heh i don't know what to do affter this....

if i forgot some thing please don't get mad.... " ower school doesn't lets use put ower email adress on ower site :(

other hxh games


Hunter X Hunter Ichi O Tsugu Mono Bandai:
this game is REALLY REALLY BORING!!!!!
you talk to ever one then you talk to some lady to the left of this dock place then you go and talk to that guy that kurapica Smooshed in the hunter exam. he quizes you " it's in japneses and i don't read it so yeah i go killed but never the less my thoughts on the game...."ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ"

there's a few PS games of hunter x hunter but i've never played them.