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  • name: Kuroro lucifer / quoll
  • age: 26
  • weapn: a book made out of nen
  • nick name: dancho
  • first seen in manga 8
  •  He is the HEAD of the spiders
  • Kuroro's book skill hunter

    With this book made out of nen kuroro can steel poeple's nen. to do this he must:

    1: see the person use there nen
    2: ask stuff about there nen
    3: put there hand on the book
    4: do this in i belive 1 hour

    We have only seen a few of the nen kuroro has stold, it was two or three we have seen, maybe four

    lets look at at some of them

    Indoor fish

    this fish eats poeple the person feels no pain and doesn't bleed, till the fish goes back to it's world, then the person dies

    I don't know the name of this one

    this nen can make stuff really really small. we never see kuroro use it this way or atleast not yet * yes i've readed manga 13 but have you read manga 15 no? thought so*. when we see kuroro use this nen he uses it as a sheild *manga 11 tv show ep. 62*

    I forget the name of this one....


    You know the nen to tell the furtur that kuroro stold from neon, well the picture up top shows us what it looks like when kuroro uses it. You see him use it in mnga 12 or 11 not sure and i have no clue what ep. you see him use it. any way it tells the futur as a poem, there's a warring if it's bad, i belive it's 4 paragraph it's in and to do it you nead to put your full name age blood type ( i.e. b, a , o, ect.) and you have to be there or give a picture of you , for it to work.



    above is hisoka reading his FAKE * he wroght it* pradtion

    full shot of it

    see some of the other ones

    i do not know the name of this nen


    This nen is over look * well if you read the manga that is* i don't know the name of it but in the manga * never saw this ep.*  any way that guy OH i forget how to spell his name right now. well you no that ugly guy with the back hair that sticks up like a pom tree or some thing like that, was going to attack hisoka for what his furtur paper said but as we all now kuroro wont let his spiders fight so he move him, in the manga you see him then you don't see him then you see him back at the bottom of that pile of building stuff and he says to hisoka "you moved" and kuroro says " no, i moved you". so ya the nen can move people.


    this is a good manga shot of kuroro with his hair gel in i thought, away this is i belive two pages before that guy TRYS to attack hisoka.